Monday, 6 November 2017


Last term I did a speech about motorbikes.  I was learning to structure my speech so it had a beginning, a middle and end. 
I can use parts of structure but  lacks balance connections flow.  
Many of my ideas connect to my point of view.
I use  one language device to persuade and connect with audience because I started but asking a rhetorical question.
I was pretty scared doing my speech but I felt that it went good.

This is my speech if you want to listen to it, or you can read it below.

Have you ever seen  an accident on the road that could have been prevented with the correct safety gear? Maybe the front of the car was smashed, or the pieces of a motorbike were scattered everywhere and the biker is hurt  because he rolled into a tree. Would he survive?  if you get thrown off  your motorbike and land on your back, something as simple as a chestplate could save your life. People are putting themselves in danger because they aren't wearing safety gear like helmets.

Imagine seeing someone on a motorbike  without  a helmet on their head. Helmets keep your head safe because it cracks your helmet instead of your head.

People who do motorcross were Neck braces. Neck braces help your neck to not break. They were long pants that have hard knee pads. This gear protects their body.

So wear gear when you go out on your motorbike and be safe.  
Ride to  your  experience and ride with other people.


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